Tim Sastrowiardjo (15 yrs) and his coach Loe Hoyer

Jos Jeurissen, Tim Sastrowiardjo (14 yrs)  and Rene Jeurissen 

2008- 2011
Stichting Yuying Wushu Guan, Maastricht, The Netherlands    

In 1982, Jos Jeurissen received Wushu education from Nggo Mbie Paei, and is related to Sifu Zheng WenHua
Rene Jeurissen, previous Dutch National Team member,  won several inter/national  tournaments. 
2011- Current
Wushu Institute Hoyer,  Heerlen, The Netherlands

Loe Hoyer is a well familiar name within the Wushu sport; he left inter/national footprints in the early days. 
In the 90’s it was Loe who established Wushu in the South of Netherlands. Additionally, between 1991- 1997 he  was part of the Dutch National Team. Moreover, until 2001 Loe Hoyer was National Team coach in Wushu.

In 1973, Loe Hoyer was educated by Sifu Richard Offerbeek (Nggo Mbie Paei), Master Kwee Sun Chan and other well known Wushu masters from Republic of  China.http://www.loehoyer.com/index2008.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0